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Dear all,

We had the privilege of travelling over the mid-term holiday to the West coast of Scotland. As always, I am

amazed about the beauty and hues of mountains, lochs and streams. We also had the privilege of having

Maréses parents with us on the tripTo show our South African in-laws the splendour of Scotland is a real treat.

On our run to Ullapool, we stopped to take photos of snow covered mountains and semi-frozen streams and

lochs, something they have never experienced in the arid Highveld of South Africa. Over the weekend, as the

sun came out and we had the best of the Highland in front of us, we drove to Lochinver and even did some

forest walks in Culag Woods. All our plans were made to drive further North on the Sunday, to where we stayed

last year in Kinlochbervie.

However, on Sunday morning when we woke up, we found everything was covered in snow and a white blanket

enfolded Loch Broom and its shores. Not that we were completely caught off guard, but so many locals

confirmed that we would be able to make the run up North. On the Sunday morning, 8:00 ready to go, our

friends texted us with the news that the weather and especially the snow was too bad that visibility was going to

be a problem. So, we went to church in Ullapool and spend the rest of the day playing in the snow and walking

about the town. Although our plans did not work out as we planned, we have a phone full of photo memories

about our weekend.

By the time you are reading this letter, we will be well away in Lent. The disciples were on their way for the

Passover to Jerusalem. They saw visions of a triumphant Jesus entering Jerusalem and going into the temple to

restore the ancient right of the House of David to rule over Judea once again. They were ready to take up arms

to throw away the yoke of the Roman Empire. They saw a new King, sitting on the throne of David and restoring

the past with a new future. With the perfect sight of hind-sight, we know that we are not celebrating the return

of Jesus to the throne of David, but his journey of passion, passing the temple and going out of the city to a

lonely hill called Calvary. Nobody would take up arms to fight the Roman Empire, we rather find the disciples

hiding in the background, afraid that the same thing might happen to them.

The story of Lent boils down to the point that Jesus knew His journey would end rather different than what his

disciples wanted it to end. Can you imagine their disappointment? They were probably a bit disillusioned, did

nobody hear when Jesus announced his death three times? Peter even gave Jesus a piece of his mind, how dare

Jesus say things about His coming death? The feeling of discontent, as seen when Peter tries to intervene with a

sword in the garden? It all ended so differently than what they imagined. It does not include a new government

or king? No bashing of Roman soldiers in the style of Asterix. No, Jesus just bluntly announced that He will be

killed. For what and for whom?

We are reminded that Jesus came to this world, in a context that the ancient world could understand, to be the

perfect sacrifice. If He had to come for the first time today, the sacrifice might have looked different. Through

His death, He brought life. He already tried to explain this to Nicodemus in John 3: 14 - 15 when He said: Just as

Moses lifted up the snake in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up,that everyone who

believes may have eternalife in him.” When the people of Israel journeyed through the dessert and were struck

by poisonous snakes, Moses made a copper snake and by looking at it, people were healed after being bitten.

Jesus is still inviting us to look at the cross for healing. Whether its spiritual, emotional or a need for healing

from our past, the Cross makes everything and everyone new. By looking, we rid from the past, our sins, our

wrongdoing. As we celebrate Easter this year, may we once again see the Cross, see the new journey and

perhaps be reminded that the best journey is sometime the one you least expected.

Blessings, Deon.

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