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welcome to St Giles and St Columbas South Website ST GILES & ST COLUMBA’S SOUTH

WELCOME to the website of St Giles & St Columba’s South Parish Church.  

We are delighted to have you visit us. As you explore our website, we hope you will be interested in and excited by what you may learn about this very special Church and it’s congregation.

The earliest authentic record for St. Giles Church is in 1224. That building stood until 1826 when it was decided to replace it with the present building, the foundation for which was laid on 16 January 1827. The architect was Mr Archibald Simpson of Aberdeen. The building dominates the centre of Elgin with its impressive classical frontage and 112ft high tower.

In 1906, with a need for increased seating capacity, St. Columba's Church in Moss Street was built as a daughter church, designed by Peter McGregor Chalmers. Included in the building is the pulpit from the old St. Giles Muckle Kirk, dating from 1684.

After the union with Elgin South Church in 1999, the St. Columba`s building became known as St Columba`s South Church. A modern suite of hall/meeting rooms/offices, the Williamson Hall, has recently been built alongside that church.

We are a friendly and forward looking congregation supporting various Elgin Groups including  the St Giles Youth Theatre Group, Elgin Youth Development Group, Street Pastors and a Lunch Club which meets every week in the Williamson Hall.

As a congregation, we are very much aware of the privilege which is ours to worship in such holy places and to declare by our worship and demonstrate by our actions, the importance of Christian Faith in our lives. We are proud that our Church is a Church for everyone and has the ambition to be open-minded and traditional at the same time.

We very much hope it may be possible for you to visit St Giles Church or St Columba’s South Church and join us in worship.  Perhaps, together, we may seek an understanding of the mystery, love and challenge which lies at the heart of our Faith and be able to share with you something of our rich heritage.

"In August 2017 the Rev Deon Oelofse was inducted as the new minister of St  Giles & St Columba`s South church and the congregation are moving forward under his ministry and guidance"

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